Why should I use free grammar check instead of MS Word’s grammar check?

Our Grammar Check tool has the following benefits:

  • It is 100% free to use.
  • It finds millions of frequently confused words that other English Grammar Checker tools ignore.
  • Our Free Grammar Check tool is available online and hence accessible from any device or computer.
  • Our tool follows a pedagogical technique that stimulates learning.
  • Our Check Grammar tool updates automatically.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It won't overcome you with messages regarding phrases that are impeccably accurate.
  • It targets numerous errors made by secondary English language learners.

Writing is easy and quick with our state-of-the-art English Grammar Check software. You’ll never have to ask others for assistance with regulations of English grammar. Make use of our Online Grammar Check with the intention of correcting your texts and get our complete suite of products to listen to your sentences and learn from your own grammatical mistakes to avoid repeating them in near future. Our Online Grammar Check tool helps you to write better English and rectify texts more proficiently. By the usage of our patent-pending approach, Our English Grammar Checker analyzes the context of your phrase to correct grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes; misused words with unmatched precision. Freegrammarcheck.org plays a crucial part in improving your text just like a human assessor would.

Our Grammar Check Free tool corrects all kinds of grammatical errors comprising off topics which are not addressed by any other grammar checker software. It pays attention on correcting singular/Plural nouns, subject verb agreement, consecutive nouns; contextual spelling correction in addition to misused words correction. Our Free Grammar Check tool is a contextual based checker which recognizes the correction that perfectly fits with the meaning of original sentence. While combined with our spell checker you can correct whole sentences in only a single click. The same misused words and sentences will have a different rectification based upon the context. Phonetic grammar mistakes are modified even if the correct spelling is entirely different from the way they were originally composed. Irregular verb conjugations are revised as well.