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Welcome to Free Grammar Check! We offer you the best grammar checker that you can use online.

This grammar corrector can perform spelling and grammar check whenever you need to. It can correct common grammar and spelling mistakes, which includes nouns, pronouns, verbs, prepositions, punctuation, homonyms, typography, and so much more.

This Free Grammar Check is the best free online grammar checker that you will find online. You can use this tool to quickly check grammar mistake online and to improve your English communication and writing skills.

Advantages of using this Free Online Grammar Checker

Today, more than ever before people are communicating through writing. Communicating via phone calls has decreased, and text messaging has increased. Communicating through emails has become the norm in the business world, and this free online grammar checker can help you check grammar mistake online.

Blogs, social media posts and comments, and internet sites have grown phenomenally in the last decade. That’s why correct spelling and grammar have become imperative for all the modern methods of communication. Shortened words and abbreviations may not be frowned upon, but bad grammar is. So, whenever you write something and send it to someone, you are insentiently being judged for your grammar. Think about your reaction to any published article that you have read that contain grammatical mistakes; you get irritated and finally lost the interest to proceed reading the content. The same goes for people who read content or any written communication that has poor grammar. That is why a grammar corrector like this Free Grammar Check is extremely useful when writing content.

Good grammar is important to be able to relay the message clearly. You are less likely to land a good job, get admission in colleges and universities, or get good audience interaction on social media if your grammar is faulty. But, don’t worry because you can now perform online grammar check using this Free Grammar Check anytime you like.

Good grammar is important in business as well as casual settings like social media, text, or chat. For instance, writing ‘I’m going 2 the store’ is acceptable in informal text messaging, but not in academic and business writing. We must make a conscious effort not to let our casual writing style to get into our formal communications. Surprisingly, according to a survey, a major turn-off on social media is incorrect grammar. So before posting, it is best to make a spelling and grammar check using this grammar corrector.

Good grammar will help you in getting a good job and positive responses on your social media posts. Remember you will look smart and professional if your grammar is good.

Importance of Grammar in Communications

We cannot deny the importance of grammar in communications. Nevertheless, in today’s technology-driven world people are taking shortcuts and quick turns in communications which have resulted in grammar going sideways. This free online grammar checker can help you improve your grammar and writing skills.

People are now getting used to the fast and modern life. Everything must be brief and short including words. This trend started when instant messaging services were introduced on mobile phones. Then, has been carried over into online chatting, social media and other means of communications. For them, grammar doesn’t matter anymore, as long as the receiver understands the message. However, this can lead to misunderstandings. Therefore, it is still important to use correct grammar at all times, and this grammar correction online can help you improve your English communication skills and allow you to perform grammar check anytime you need to.

Another point to note is that proofreading is an essential part of content writing. It’s a habit that we must practice if we want our content to look professional and credible. Use this tool to check grammar mistake online and avoid silly grammar mistakes.

The reason for grammar getting sidetracked in modern day communications stems from the fact that there are only a few sites that offer free online grammar checker. Others would require users to download or register with their email or personal information which is not acceptable to many. But not anymore because this FREE GRAMMAR CHECK is the best grammar checker that allows users to make spelling and grammar check online.

Does Free Grammar Check Help in Learning Good Grammar?

The answer to this is a big YES! Because once you started using this FREE GRAMMAR CHECK (, you will realize that your grammar is also improving. The reason for this is that whenever you use this free online grammar checker, it points out grammatical mistakes and makes suggestions which you could use and in the process, you will subconsciously remember. And then the next time you write a similar phrase, you already know the right term and won’t make the same grammatical mistake. Hence, this grammar corrector will help improve your English grammar over time by doing grammar check for you.

Do I need to register to use this free online grammar checker?

This grammar corrector is a free site which has been designed and launched to help users to make English grammar check online. It's available 24/7 and is continuously monitored and improved by our team of high-skilled developers. There is no registration or downloading required to use this free online grammar checker.

How to use FREE GRAMMAR CHECK software?

This grammar correction online a relatively simple and straightforward to use, all that you need to do is to go to on your search browser. Once on the site, you can already type the text directly in the text box and click on the “Check Grammar” button. Alternatively, you can copy/paste from any word processing document or upload your file. Once you have submitted the text, it will generate a new copy with suggestions for the ones that have grammar mistakes. If you agree with the suggestions, you can implement them on the spot.

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This free online grammar checker is a software which allows users to perform English grammar check online. Writing content has never been this easy and efficient. With this grammar corrector, there is no more reason for you to ask others for help.