What is the maximum quantity of words that can be submitted to our free grammar check tool?

Our free online English Grammar Checker allows individuals to submit texts around 500 words. There is no particular limit in principle for Online Grammar Check tool. Though, if your text is somewhat prolonged, we suggest separating it into batches of pages and submitting every of these individually. Consequently, the time needed to validate text will be minimized and you also avoid facing the risk of getting lost into huge document. Some techniques can be followed to utilize a Grammar Check tool with maximum words and check your text for all types of grammatical errors.

Every single word is contrasted with a word in a provided dictionary. A misspelled word or phrase can easily be identified until or unless the dictionary is larger enough to include the word. This is the easiest approach and our Online Grammar Check tool exactly works like this.

Our Free Grammar Check tool also identifies common grammatical mistakes by means of some predefined rules. Under such sort of approach, a Check Grammar Online service will identify the wrong usage of indefinite text, for instance, using “an” rather than “a” prior a word starting with a vowel. Another example is to detect homophones, words that less the same or sound more, but has been utilized in the wrong way. Another example is 'write' and 'right'. Especially individuals with dyslexia know more about this problem. For this to work, our Grammar Check Free tool looks at a number of words at the same time in order to get context rather than only looking for a single word after another.

Our ultimate approach is to form rules specifically based upon statistical information. It typically needs lots of pre-computed data from a larger text corpus. The accumulated data is too huge to assimilate them on a client computer, therefore, our approach is generally not provided by our Grammar Checker Online. Generally, a rule based grammar check tool has a solid base of grammatical rules, though as you may familiar with the fact that, there is always an exception of a policy. Statistical Online Grammar Check tool may look for errors that a rule based Grammar Check tool does not.